Green your community space or school with fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. The Cenovus Food Forest project will plant twenty food forests on school grounds or your chosen community space in the fall of 2024! The program will supply fruit-bearing trees & shrubs and required planting day supplies at no cost. Members of the community are highly encouraged to participate in the planting day. The benefits of having a food forest in your community include increasing biodiversity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing land-based learning opportunities, and creating an edible landscape for years to come!

What’s included:

● Guided planting day in the fall of 2024

● Fruit-bearing trees & shrubs (i.e. apple trees, raspberries, strawberries, etc., species subject to supplier availability)

● Planting supplies: mulch, soil mix, tree stakes

● Food Forest sign

● Other equipment needed for the planting day will be supplied for the day (i.e., shovels, buckets, etc.)

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School Cenovus Food Forest Pack

2023 Selected Cenovus Food Forest

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Cenovus - Forests that feed: Inspiring youth to connect with nature 

February 2023

Sun West School Division - A Food Forest Enriches Outlook High School and Community

September 20, 2022


“A huge thank you to Cenovus Energy and Notice Nature for supporting and delivering this program. Our students did a fantastic job planting and it was inspiring to see their willingness to work so hard. The wide variety of fruit trees and shrubs was incredible . I believe it is critical to provide these opportunities to our next generation so we can help prepare them for their future. Food security is a growing area of need in all communities. This such a positive and powerful step forward with lasting impacts. Well done!”


Sakaskohc High School

“I am thankful that Cenovus Energy has put this program in place. I cant wait to have some delicious fruit for the students!”

Kinistino School

“I ate an apple off our tree last summer!”

Brunswick School

“Such an excellent program. Many of students involved reflect on that being a highlight for the school year thus far. Thank you!”

LP Miller Comprehensive School

“My students were quite excited to have been involved for two years in a row.”

WW Brown School

“I really wish that more schools would do things like this. It's wonderful to teach the students about how and where their food comes from.”

Chief Napew Memorial

“Wonderful program that allowed us to expand our area into a food forest with plans to incorporate community members in helping harvest and use in the future.”

BFHC Community Garden / BGC Battlefords

This was such an appreciated and amazing opportunity for our students. Everything was thought of and well organized. We are new school and in our first year we planted a row of fruit trees. Now we have been able to greatly expand our collection. In a few years from now the community will be amazed at what is growing. Our goal is to grow food on site that will be incorporated into our school lunch program. We are well on our way to achieving our goal. Thank you!”


Sakaskohc High School

“I am thoroughly impressed with this program. Thank you for leaving instructions on how to help establish the plants for the next 3 years.”

LP Miller Comprehensive School

“I love this! The planning was well done, I like that it’s a student initiative and run by the kids. The plants will be well loved and used!”

Bordens little sprouts early learning centre

Was wonderful to work with these organizations involved and create partnerships. They were able to work with various grounds and problem solve how to make anything work.

BFHC Community Garden / BGC Battlefords

“It was awesome! Thank you”

St. Philip School

“We are thrilled with it!”

Brunswick School

It's great. Highly recommend"

WW Brown School

“Amazing, what a great way to bring the school community together.”

Cando Community School

“We are grateful to the NSRBC and Cenovus for making these resources available to us and for your help in making the project happen. Students are already talking about how they can’t wait to sample the fruit next year. It is being noticed and appreciated in our community as well. We are excited to have it be a new part of our outdoor learning space.”


Diana Couture: Teacher at Debden School

"Thanks so much to all who were involved in organizing and dispersing the trees and shrubs for our Food Forest. Our students had a great time planting and caring for the trees and shrubs. We are excited to see how they winter and are curious to see how much fruit they will produce next year. This was a great opportunity to teach the students about caring for trees and enjoying the outdoors. Thanks again."


Joyce Paterson: Marsden School Community Council Vice Chair.

The Cenovus Notice Nature Food Forests were possible thanks to the generous funding received from Cenovus Energy.