The Notice Nature 2021 initiative ended October 15th, 2021.

Stay tuned for updates on Notice Nature 2022!

The Initiative

There are so many fantastic rural and urban municipalities, federations, local businesses, and councils passionate about stewardship. This initiative will connect these organizations with industry partners to create and distribute 19 Notice Nature Task Cards to school-aged youth in the North Saskatchewan River Basin. Youth submit completed Notice Nature Task Cards to their local library for prize request.

In addition, a Notice Nature Toolkit will also be distributed to school-aged kids in the North Saskatchewan River Basin. Participating schools who ordered by June 11, 2021 will receive kits.

The Notice Nature Toolkit will include:

  • Bingo-style Task Cards (Category headings include: Bird ID, Crop ID, Insect ID, Water Conservation, Outdoor Fun, Nature, Community Service, Community Engagement, Agriculture, etc.)

  • Quick reference guidebooks, including SK Bird ID, SK Insect ID, SK Trees & Shrubs ID, SK Wildflowers ID, and SK Crop ID

  • Backpack

  • Magnifying glass

  • Insect/fish Net

  • Pencil & Sketch pad

How does it work?

Each Notice Nature Task Card will have a bingo-style list of tasks to complete (i.e., The "Nature" card may have, plant a tree, help a bee, build a birdhouse, etc.). Once the required number of squares are completed, the student can turn the card into their local Wapiti or Lakeland library. Through the interlibrary loan system, their prize will be delivered to their local library for pick up.

For a list of Lakeland libraries currently accepting Notice Nature Cards click here.

For a list of Wapiti libraries currently accepting Notice Nature Cards click here.

Visit the Resources tab to print your own Notice Nature Task Cards and for additional learning resources.

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Printable Instructions - 2021 (ended)