Check out the success story of our 2022 Food Forests!

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These Food Forest projects were funded by Cenovus Energy

Welcome to Notice Nature

Notice Nature is a Saskatchewan community youth program coordinated by the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council (NSRBC). This program is created for youth within areas of Saskatchewan to encourage outdoor play through fun, nature-loving learning activities while winning some awesome prizes!

Why should you notice nature?

Healthy land and water start with you. We're here to help you look up, look around, and notice nature, which we believe is the first step to land and water stewardship. Healthy land and water mean healthy wildlife, people, ecosystems, communities, and all the places we love. We hope you discover fun activities that help you connect with nature and inspire you to see your natural environment a little differently. Did we mention there are awesome prizes to be won!?

Notice Nature Partnerships

Notice Nature was able to be built and continues to be successful because of its many environment passionate partners. Our content partners provide fun, nature-loving learning resources for Notice Nature Activity Cards, while community partners provide funding, prizes, and card and prize distribution. Notice Nature is another example of our community's widespread commitment to youth engagement, land and water stewardship, and environmental education.