B5 - Engage your local watershed stewardship organization

Watershed: A watershed is an area that moves rainfall and snowmelt through rivers, streams, and creeks, eventually flowing into a specific body of water such as a river, bay, or ocean. 

Watershed Stewardship Group: A non-profit, or charitable organization taking community-level action to safeguard our water resources. These groups are actively engaged in environmental stewardship activities and projects. They often partner with individuals, organizations, agriculture, industry, municipalities, and other forms of local government to set common goals to reach shared outcomes relating to environmental stewardship within the watershed. There are 11 Watershed Stewardship Groups (WSGs) in Saskatchewan. 

Which watershed do you live in? 

Learn about watersheds!

This recording is recommended for ages 4-12

B6 - Participate in a stewardship contest

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B7 - Build an Edible Aquifer

B8 - Brainstorm Water Conservation

As a class, brainstorm ways you can conserve water! Feel free to use the Jamboard to share your ideas with us and other participants, or record your ideas in any other means you wish. 

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NSRBC also developed the Water Awareness Card as part of our collection.