B13 - Capture the present: Create a time capsule for the future!

Create a time capsule to share with the class of 2123!


The University of Saskatchewan has developed a time capsule kit for any class in the Notice Nature region to request. These kits include a time capsule box, an assortment of supplies, and instructional templates that will help you create your capsule. The capsules will also include two documents for students to fill out and submit to the University of Saskatchewan’s special archival project. 

The kit includes a lockable box, photo paper, acid-free paper, carbon paper, a storage bag for documents, instructional guidelines, and templates, along with other tools to help you capture your experience.

B14 - We are the Past, Present, and Future

Challenge your class to think about history through fun letter-writing scenarios. Divide your students into groups and have them create messages of advice from the future or from the past. Three scenarios will be provided as prompts for the students. Messages of advice could be in the form of a letter, a video, a play, or a drawing. Creativity is encouraged!

B15 - Preserve Community Knowledge

Interview a senior in your community (in person or online).


Students will create set of interview questions that will help them gather information about their community and learn from individual experiences.


What was the most memorable event in your life?

What advice would you give today’s youth?

What Is your favourite thing about our community?

What is one story from your childhood that you would like to share?

B16 - Investigate Community Traditions

As a class, pick a tradition, event, or activity that is special to your community. Find out who organizes it and why it was created


Bonus activities!

1.      Find out how you can help organize the next one

2.      Invite a service group to present at your school

3.      Brainstorm a new event or activity that could become a tradition within your school community.

Learning resources provided by

The University of Saskatchewan also developed the Community Heritage Card as part of our collection.