Ranchers in Nature Card & Resources

Ranchers In Nature Card


Did you know? 

Why do Ranchers check for new baby calves at night? Watch Erika's video to find out! 

Moving mother cows and their baby calves onto tame grass. How and why do ranchers do this?  Check Erika's video to find out! 

Guardians of the Grasslands

Virtual Tour of Grant Ranch 

How cattle keep food from being wasted - Part I 

How cattle keep food from being wasted - Part II

Find a recipe using beef and cook it for your family!

Packed with nutrients like iron, zinc, protein, and B vitamins, beef is one powerful protein! Check out the Canada Beef website for more facts and resources, including recipes! 

Read about what different ranches in Canada are doing to manage grasslands and improve sustainability and biodiversity.

Want more cattle learning activities? Visit the Saskatchewan Beef Education website.                  

This card and resources were provided by Verified Beef Production + (VBP+)