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Ag in the Classroom - Row 1

Row one of the Agriculture & Land Card resources was provided by Ag in the Classroom.

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Understand the story of agriculture from the time Settlers arrived in Saskatchewan to present day!

Verified Beef - Row 2

Row two of the Agriculture & Land Card resources was provided by Verified Beef.

Saskatchewan Environmental Society - Row 3

A Home Water Audit will give you a better understanding of how you use water and identify ways you can save water.

When we turn on a tap in our homes, the water that comes out of it has come a long way from its source. It has been pumped from a river, lake or well, and then filtered, treated and pumped to our homes. When it leaves our homes it is pumped, filtered and treated again before being sent back to the river or another surface water body. That whole process uses a lot of energy and chemicals...

Energy Conservation Resource

Water Conservation Resource

Row three of the Agriculture & Land Card learning resources was developed by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.

Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association - Row 4

Row four of the Agriculture & Land Card was developed by Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association.